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Smart construction

Construction Owners

PPMS is a necessity, not an option in modern construction projects!


Optimizing to View

PPMS digitalizes all the data and visualizes them on one screen. The conventional 2D data can become sophisticated 3D data thanks to 3D mapping technology by a drone equipped with LiDAR for more accurate on-site data. The construction owners can view and compare the progress of construction sites regularly to find out the optimal speed of the projects making the cost more effective. 

Optimizing to save

Because PPMS digitalizes and visualizes all the data on one screen along with high-resolution 3D maps by unmanned drones, physical and visual inspections of construction sites by humans can be minimized or become even obsolete.​

CCTV surveillance

Minimizing the accident rate

More effective countermeasures against unexpected accidents on sites may be proactively devised because supervisors can watch the construction sites, on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis depending on how often they acquire data by flying drones, to discover the potential factors of accidents. And some unnecessary accidents like the explosion of underground gas or water pipes can be proactively prevented because the PPMS can visualize the underground facilities on screen together with the 3D drawings and mapping, which can save a lot of budgets.​

Planning proactively and strategically

PPMS can visualize the land compensation data by overlaying the actual coordinate system with the cadastral maps to compare and analyze the current compensation status helping the construction owners to make more strategic plans.

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