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Smart construction

Project Owners

PPMS is a necessity, not an option in modern construction projects!

Keep track of your projects in real-time with our monitoring service.

From the perspective of a Project Owner, there may be numerous construction Projects managed globally.


In such cases, the Program Management approach should be implemented.


By using the intelligent dashboard of PPMS, you can manage multiple construction Projects quantitatively in real time, all through one integrated platform.


You can easily access a particular construction Project, review the progress made in the current month as compared to the previous month, and ensure that the construction work is being executed within the budget and in compliance with the stipulated construction period. 

Furthermore, if required, you can also review the construction record information through construction photos, CCTV, or drone flight videos.

Digital Twin and Digital Transformation

As the owner of a construction project, it's important to consider effective maintenance costs that can generate revenue.


One way to achieve this is by using a PPMS (Project Production Management System) that digitally stores all recorded data during the project life cycle.


This data can be used for facility maintenance or city management even after the completion of construction. 

In addition to that, the utilization value of PPMS increases even more if you have performed BIM-based design and construction management.


This is because various shapes and property attribute data are automatically accumulated in the BIM model uploaded to PPMS during the design and construction phase. 

By linking completed BIM data with utility flow data generated in the operation process in real time, you can perform excellent digital-based operation management.

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