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Most construction project, especially infrastructure construction project, is carried out with the participation of various stakeholders and takes a long time, effort, and expense. (Limited to the size of US$100 million or more)


Broadly dividing the promotion process of a construction project, can be divided into a construction project management stage and a maintenance stage.


Specific sub-processes are different depending on the scale and urgency of the construction project and the bidding method (lowest price, technical proposal, turnkey, alternative, CM...) - As it goes through the completion stage, the construction project management stage proceeds first, followed by the maintenance stage for the maintenance and operation of the completed facility.

Therefore, it can be seen that it takes nearly 5 to 10 years, or more, in some cases for a single large-scale construction project to be completed.


When the required period of a construction project is shortened, the budget of the entire project is also reduced, and quick service is possible through early completion, which is advantageous in terms of politics and the economy.

There are various ways to shorten the construction period, but it is not easy to apply it because it has to solve various difficult problems.

Below is a way to reduce the time of each step that MingsPM thinks.

  • Planning and design stage

- Planning stage prediction simulation based on similar performance data

- BIM Library fabrication method design and construction cost prediction simulation

- Construction period simulation by standard Activity DB

- Simplification of laws or reduction of the number and period of licenses and permits

- Active operation of 3D design based on BIM

- Utilization of PPMS platform

: Rapid site and landscape simulation according to design change (compensation area, cost, etc.)

: Review of constructability through overlapping drone 3D MAP and BIM

: Platform-based design data digital creation, storage, sharing, analysis, prediction management

  • Construction stage

- Operation of automated construction equipment and expansion of OSC (Off-Site Construction) application

- Active introduction of smart construction technologies such as drones, lidars, IoT sensors, VR, MR...

- Utilization of PPMS platform

: Real-time/remote smart field management based on Web & GIS

: Realization of smart work using intelligent business collaboration module

: Construction site management centered on process management in connection with Primavera

: Construction site analysis and prediction through virtual simulation

: Design based on BIM model VS. Construction comparison and 3D measurement

: Effective dashboard and intelligent construction project progress report

: Geo-fencing-based location control of workers and equipment

: Integrated management of smart element technologies such as IoT, drone, and lidar installed in the field



In the future, we plan to proceed with a series of articles on why MingsPM's PPMS is effective for construction projects, including detailed explanations of the above.

How to do more with the concerns from the perspective of practitioners for innovation and progress in future-oriented construction project management

Methodologies at the practical level on whether effective construction project management can be performed and such methodologies are

We will explain what PPMS functions are developed and how they can be utilized.


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