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PPMS stands for Proactive Project Management System

PPMS can seamlessly visualize any construction site

to deliver the projects on time and on budget

PPMS is a web-based Project Management Platform that overlaps and visualizes GIS data (underground utilities, land registration map,

ground object, etc.), 2D design drawings, BIM, and 3D terrain models (drone/lidar).
In addition, with the vertical data interference analysis algorithm, it is possible to manage construction-related proactive action items

such as construction structures, land, underground facilities, land, and civil complaints.

Construction Site


While our competitor's program focuses only on the operational work in the construction at the design stage, PPMS focuses on the construction phase, which requires more functions.

PPMS has more powerful functions than the other competitors, has higher scalability with greater functionality, and may be customized according to the characteristics of the construction site.

In addition, a wide range of construction management becomes possible by synchronizing CCTV installed on-site, gas detection, measurement information, etc., to PPMS through collaboration with partner companies as an integrated system.

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A platform that can be used throughout the Project  Lifecycle

Used in design - construction - maintenance phases

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