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PPMS stands for Proactive Project Management System

PPMS can seamlessly visualize any construction site to deliver the projects on time and on budget

PPMS is the web-based platform that visualizes the GIS data (2D, 3D MAP, underground utilities, land registration map, ground object), 2D + 3D design drawing and 3D mapping by Drone on overlapped or divided screen. Also thanks to the algorithm that analyses the vertical data, PPMS can forecast and calculate all the related land information proactively

Construction Site


While our competitor's program focuses only on the operational work in the construction at the design stage, PPMS focuses on the construction phase that requires more functions. PPMS has more powerful functions than the other competitors, has higher scalability with greater functionality, and may be customized according to the characteristics of the construction site.

In addition, a wide range of construction management becomes possible by synchronizing CCTV installed on-site, gas detection, measurement information, etc., to PPMS through collaboration with partner companies as an integrated system.


Visualizing everything

When a construction section is uploaded to this system, the area and lot of land occupied by the construction section are automatically calculated. Likewise, if there are underground utility data, it automatically calculates which pipelines overlap when constructing.

Construction work on the go

PPMS can realize the same functions on smartphones as long as the Internet service is available, and through non-face-to-face video conferencing and writing functions, multiple people can effectively see the construction status and have a meeting.


The process engine mounted on the PPMS is linked with PRIMAVERA, and visually shows the position and shape of the activity that cannot be seen through the bar chart.

Everything in one screen

With the 3D measuring function (length, area, volume, contour, cross-section…), the screen can be divided into two, the BIM data on the left side is compared with 3D MAP of the construction section on the right side, so that the users can check if the construction is progressing as designed at once.
(3D MAP can be obtained using a drone or laser scanning)

Similarly, by uploading the 3D MAP of the previous week on the left and the 3D MAP of this week on the right, PPMS can numerically calculate the change of construction through 3D measurement.

Virtual reality of the construction site

The users can virtually enter the construction site through VR device to feel the state of the field in an immersive way.

Futuristic construction management

PPMS is equipped with project management functions, such as design management, dashboard, safety management, and process management, necessary in the construction phase. And through the mobile APP developed by MingsPM, you can check the real-time location and records of equipment and workers at the construction site on the map. 

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