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PPMS is a necessity, not an option in modern construction projects!

Rapid and quantitative decision support

Recent construction companies are facing a challenging environment where it is no longer profitable due to various laws, regulations, and problems in the work environment.

Use PPMS to reduce the time, cost, and effort required for on-site management.

Real-time monitoring of construction projects at the headquarters allows for managing risks that start from the site.

With PPMS, construction site employees can manage the site remotely without going to external sites.

Annual operating costs can be saved by reducing the wasteful time, effort, and cost (EUR) required for numerous employees to go to external sites.

Use PPMS to discuss issues at each site remotely.


Quick, transparent, and fast decision-making leads to the success of construction projects..

Web-based 3D PM platform

The construction industry is complex and requires

large-scale equipment and a workforce.

It significantly impacts the overall business

due to the risks caused by a single mistake.

The powerful PPMS engine can operate large-scale 3D

data on the web.

By combining external factor technologies

such as drones, CCTV, and IoT sensors,

customized services are provided according to the characteristics of each construction project.

The digital data of PPMS becomes more valuable information through the linkage of data and data.


Utilize the latest ICT technology to manage future construction projects.

Activity-based construction project management

Time and cost are key indicators in construction project management.


Traditional schedule management only manages time and cost, but 3D-based PPMS can load everything into activities.


Therefore, more effective project management can be performed through activity-centric safety and construction.


Even if you use a schedule program installed on PPMS or Primavera, you can manage it directly linked to PPMS.


Future construction projects will be managed based on activities = Object of BIM.

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