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PPMS is a necessity, not an option in modern construction projects!

Quick and precise assistance
for making decisions.

Construction companies nowadays face a challenging environment that makes it difficult to maintain profitability due to various laws, regulations, and workplace issues.


Fortunately, using PPMS can help reduce the time, cost, and effort required for on-site management. 

Real-time monitoring of construction projects from the headquarters can enable effective risk management that starts right from the site.


With PPMS, construction site employees can manage the site remotely, avoiding the need to travel to external sites. 

Using PPMS can help save annual operating costs by reducing the wasteful time, effort, and cost (EUR) required for numerous employees to go to external sites.


Additionally, the tool can facilitate remote discussions of issues at each construction site. 


Quick, transparent, and efficient decision-making processes are crucial to the success of construction projects.

A platform that enables project management in a three-dimensional space using a web-based interface.

The construction industry is a complex field that requires large-scale equipment and a workforce to operate.


A single mistake can have a significant impact on the overall business, making it a high-risk industry.


To mitigate these risks, the PPMS engine has been designed to operate large-scale 3D data on the web.


By combining external factor technologies such as drones, CCTV, and IoT sensors, customized services are provided based on the unique characteristics of each construction project.


The digital data generated by PPMS becomes more valuable information through the linkage of data. Utilizing the latest ICT technology enables efficient management of future construction projects.

Managing construction projects based on activities.

This approach involves separating the project into smaller, manageable tasks and assigning resources accordingly.

In construction project management, time and cost are crucial indicators.


Traditional schedule management focuses solely on managing time and cost. However, 3D-based PPMS can integrate all aspects into activities.


This allows for more effective project management through activity-centric safety and construction.


Even if you use a schedule program installed on PPMS or Primavera, you can manage it directly linked to PPMS.


In the future, construction projects will be managed based on activities, which will be the main focus of BIM.

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