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About Us

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Our Story

What differentiates MingsPM from the others?

  • MingsPM has accumulated know-how on-site and state-of-art technology to customize the software. 

  • MingsPM understands the need to solve the problems in the construction field and develops a program that solves the problems for you on your terms. 

Our goal is a true innovation in the construction industry

  • MinsPM Inc. aims to innovate the construction industry through over 25 years of construction management experience.

  • For successful innovation, the focused commitment of management is essential.

  • Avoid formal, incomplete, and show-style construction project management.

MingsPM Inc. has done many professional project-management consulting on various projects, such as highways, railways, subways, industrial complexes, crude oil storage, marine cable-stayed bridge, marine suspension bridge, long-distance tunnel, hydroelectric power plants, and plumed storage power plants, in Korea, as well as overseas.

We are now developing the innovative Smart Construction Management System (SCMP) optimized in the 4th industrial revolution with the accumulated experiences and know-how from project management consulting of various projects.


We are also continuously devising innovative and technology-intensive systems that extensively combine Drone, GIS, GPS, IoT sensors, AR, BIGDATA, AI, 3D Map, BIM, etc., to save cost and time in various types of modern construction projects.

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Patents and Certificates

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  • Take your construction project to the next level. 

  • Optimize your construction projects. 

  • Make your construction projects smarter and more cost-effective with PPMS.

At MingsPM, we strive for excellence!

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